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About Student Council Election

The Turkish Council of Higher Education has declared that the 2018-19 Academic Year’s Student Council election process has been delayed because of an alteration in regulations. The new procedure will be shared upon confirmation.

Being an International Student at BAU: A Seminar on Cultural Adaptation


“Living in a culture that is different from your own can be both exciting… and challenging”.

The annual Cultural Adaptation Seminar for international students, which was organized by the Psychological Counseling Center and the Dean of Students Office, was a success!

The seminar was attended by 16 students, from different walks of life and at different study levels. The students had a chance to receive helpful information about cultural adaptation – symptoms, phases and strategies – were presented by Ms. Aysel Koçanoğlu, the seminar’s psychologist.

Students were given a chance to interact with their peers and draw upon similar and shared experiences. The discussion brushed upon the academic, cultural, social and personal challenges of being an international student at BAU and in Turkey, the main dimensions in international education which require continual improvement and attention.

Two of BAU’s successful students, Nesrin AlDroubi (a 5th year Med student) and Soraya Raeispour (a 2nd year Masters in Guidance and Psychological Counseling student) discussed their own experiences, stories, and coping strategies. Their insights were helpful in providing the other students hope and resilience in difficult times.

Soraya, who is also the International Student Advisor at the Dean of Students Office, conducted a short pre- and post-seminar survey to understand the needs and expectations of the international attendees. The findings generated positive feedback and further interest in potential and future seminars on other commonly experienced international student issues (homesickness, socializing with natives and international students, and psychological guidance and support).


If you have any additional questions, think you need further support and guidance in adapting to life at BAU and in Turkey, or if you would like participate in future seminars, please visit your international student advisor at the Dean of Students office (M-Building). Alternatively, you can contact her via email soraya.raeispour@stu.bahcesehir.edu.tr

Clubs Introduction Week (08-12 October 2018)

Clubs Introduction Week for the 2018-2019 Academic Year will be held on 08-12 October 2018. All the student clubs will be waiting for you in the stands,  primarily in the A Foyer (Beşiktaş Campus) as well as other campuses (Galata, Göztepe, and North).

Choose your club, choose your event and book your place!

ANNOUNCEMENT- Psychological Counseling Center: Cultural Adaptation Seminar (October 4th)

Dearest students,

In collaboration with the Dean of Students Office, the Psychological Counseling Center will be holding a seminar on “Cultural Adaptation“, for BAU’s international students.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, the 4th of October, from 14.00 to 15.30 PM, at the Psychological Counseling Center – Beşiktaş Campus (Çırağan Caddesi, No. 15, 4th Floor, above the Kırmızı Kedi Kitabevi).


The seminar will be an interactive and informative meeting, where students can learn about being able to adapt into a new environment; while having the chance to share the challenges and advantages they – collectively and individually – experience as an international student at BAU and in Turkey.


To attend, please click on the link to RSVP to the seminar, as seats are limited: https://goo.gl/forms/JztCbjIqD83kfgwh1


Alternatively, you can send an email with your name, student ID, email and mobile number to soraya.raeispour@stu.bahcesehir.edu.tr (your International Student Advisor) to book your seat.

Hoping to see you there,

Bahçeşehir University Psychological Counseling Center

Dean of Students Office-Schedule of the University Orientation Programme for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

*It is essential for our newly registered students to attend the Orientation Programme in order to be informed about the Faculty- Department and the University.

The schedule of the University Orientation Programme for the 2018-2019 Academic Year can be accessed from the link below.

2018-2019 Academic Year Orientation-Dean of Students Office

BAU E-Sports Team are the European Champions of University E-Sports Masters!!!

BAU E-Sports team, which represented our country in the European intervarsity E-Sport Championship (League of Legends), has become champions of Europe by defeating Portugal  2-1 in the final. Our team will represent both our country and Europe at the  International College Cup, which will be held in Xian, China within the dates of 16-19 August 2018.

As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to congratulate the BAU Esports Team and wish them further success in future tournaments.

Vitosha International Folklore Festival and Competition


With the participation of 400 dancers and 50 musicians in total, 3 trainers, 4 musicians, and 17 dancers participated in the event on behalf of the Bahcesehir University Folk Dances Association, representing Turkey.  Successfully representing our nation and university, based on the results of the competition, Bahcesehir University Folk Dances Association was awarded the Jury’s Special Award. In addition, our representatives had the opportunity to represent our country and music on Bulgaria On Air TV.

1 2 3 4 5

BAU Sailing Team- EDHEC Champions

Yelken-Edhec 2Yelken Edhec 3

BAU Sailing Team participated and ultimately became champions in the 50. EDHEC Sailing Competition which took place on 20-28.04.2018 in France. As more than 100 universities participated in the competition, BAU Sailing Team topped the competition with its performance.

As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to congratulate the BAU Sailing Team and wish further success.


Dean of Students Office Clubs Championship 2018


On 25-26.04.2018, the Dean of Students Office, together with Digital Games and E-Sports Club organised the “Clubs Champshionship 2018”, as part of the BAU Champions FIFA Tournament organised by BAU E-Sports Unit. A total of 28 clubs, formed of two seperate teams participated in the tournament as the games were played in the Student Center. Final and Third Placed Matches however, were played in the E-Sports Lab and broadcasted on the Twitch Channel of BAU Esports.

  • 1. & 2.&3. round games were played on 24.04.2018
  • Quarter-final, Semi-final, third place and final games were played on 25.04.2018


Participating Student Clubs;

  • American Football Club
  • Ataturkist Thought Club
  • BAU Next SosyoTech Club
  • BAU Red Dragons Club
  • BAU Spor Club
  • Beşiktaş Fan Association (BAU Kartallar)
  • Biomedical Club(EMBS)
  • BISC
  • Career and Development Club
  • Civil Engineering Club
  • Culture, Arts, and Ethical Values Club
  • Cycling Club
  • Digital Games and E-Sports Club
  • Economy and Finance Club
  • Energy Club
  • Fenerbahçe Fan Association (1907 Ünifeb)
  • Galatasaray Fan Association (UltrAslan Uni)
  • IEEE Club
  • Innovation and Job Analysis Club
  • Literature Club
  • Marketing and Management Society
  • Music Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Radio and Communication Club
  • Social Responsibility Club(Bi Soluk)
  • Software and Informatics Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Travel Club

The clubs that were ranked in the first three are as follows;

  1. Galatasaray Fan Association (UltrAslan Uni)
  2. Civil Engineering Club
  3. Innovation and Job Analysis Club

A small ceremony was prepared as trophies were awarded to top 3 clubs, trophies were given by our Dean of Students Ms. Pervin Merdan and BAU E-Sports Director Serhat Bekdemir.

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As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to congratulate champions Galatasaray Fan Association (UltrAslan Uni), runner-up Civil Engineering Club and third-placed Innovation and Job Analysis Club and wish further success.

As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to thank all the participating student clubs; special thanks to E-Sports Unit and Digital Game and E-Sports Club.