Vitosha International Folklore Festival and Competition


With the participation of 400 dancers and 50 musicians in total, 3 trainers, 4 musicians, and 17 dancers participated in the event on behalf of the Bahcesehir University Folk Dances Association, representing Turkey.  Successfully representing our nation and university, based on the results of the competition, Bahcesehir University Folk Dances Association was awarded the Jury’s Special Award. In addition, our representatives had the opportunity to represent our country and music on Bulgaria On Air TV.

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BAU Sailing Team- EDHEC Champions

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BAU Sailing Team participated and ultimately became champions in the 50. EDHEC Sailing Competition which took place on 20-28.04.2018 in France. As more than 100 universities participated in the competition, BAU Sailing Team topped the competition with its performance.

As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to congratulate the BAU Sailing Team and wish further success.


Dean of Students Office Clubs Championship 2018


On 25-26.04.2018, the Dean of Students Office, together with Digital Games and E-Sports Club organised the “Clubs Champshionship 2018”, as part of the BAU Champions FIFA Tournament organised by BAU E-Sports Unit. A total of 28 clubs, formed of two seperate teams participated in the tournament as the games were played in the Student Center. Final and Third Placed Matches however, were played in the E-Sports Lab and broadcasted on the Twitch Channel of BAU Esports.

  • 1. & 2.&3. round games were played on 24.04.2018
  • Quarter-final, Semi-final, third place and final games were played on 25.04.2018


Participating Student Clubs;

  • American Football Club
  • Ataturkist Thought Club
  • BAU Next SosyoTech Club
  • BAU Red Dragons Club
  • BAU Spor Club
  • Beşiktaş Fan Association (BAU Kartallar)
  • Biomedical Club(EMBS)
  • BISC
  • Career and Development Club
  • Civil Engineering Club
  • Culture, Arts, and Ethical Values Club
  • Cycling Club
  • Digital Games and E-Sports Club
  • Economy and Finance Club
  • Energy Club
  • Fenerbahçe Fan Association (1907 Ünifeb)
  • Galatasaray Fan Association (UltrAslan Uni)
  • IEEE Club
  • Innovation and Job Analysis Club
  • Literature Club
  • Marketing and Management Society
  • Music Club
  • Philosophy Club
  • Radio and Communication Club
  • Social Responsibility Club(Bi Soluk)
  • Software and Informatics Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Travel Club

The clubs that were ranked in the first three are as follows;

  1. Galatasaray Fan Association (UltrAslan Uni)
  2. Civil Engineering Club
  3. Innovation and Job Analysis Club

A small ceremony was prepared as trophies were awarded to top 3 clubs, trophies were given by our Dean of Students Ms. Pervin Merdan and BAU E-Sports Director Serhat Bekdemir.

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As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to congratulate champions Galatasaray Fan Association (UltrAslan Uni), runner-up Civil Engineering Club and third-placed Innovation and Job Analysis Club and wish further success.

As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to thank all the participating student clubs; special thanks to E-Sports Unit and Digital Game and E-Sports Club.

Notice of Death


We are saddened to hear that our Graffiti Club President and Faculty of Communication Cinema and Television student, Uğur Karakütük has passed away. His funeral will be on Thursday 17 May 2018 (today)  at Şişli Mosque, after the afternoon prayer.

As the Dean of Students Office, we share the agony and express condolences to his relatives.

Note: A vehicle will depart on Thursday 17 May 2018 (today) at 16:30 from  the South Campus


Are you interested in spending the summer in the eternal city, Rome?

Would you like to get lost in the cobblestone streets and find history everywhere you look?

Are you interested in luxury brands?

Would you like to understand the design thinking process of the “Made in Italy” brand from the idea to the product?

Would you be interested in mastering the most effective integrated marketing and communication strategies for the brands of the 21st century market?

Do you want to understand the organizational structure of the Italian clusters which have built the worldwide reputation of the “Made in Italy” brand?

Do you want to meet face to face with Italian VIP entrepreneurs and designers?


If YES, then come and study at BAU International Academy of Rome this summer!


It is 2000€ for 3 classes, 1500€ for 2 classes, 850€ for 1 class but for “Italian Culture Certificate” = “Italian” + “City and Culture” classes, 2 classes in total, it is 950€ and for”Italian Culture Certificate” + “1 other class” = “Italian” + “City and Culture” + “1 other class” classes, 3 classes in total, it is 1575€. Accommodation is 450€ for 3 weeks and 500€ for 4 weeks if you choose to arrange your accommodation with us. The housing complex is in Trastevere, a very lively neighborhood of Rome.


Some classes last from 9th of July till 27th of July (3 weeks), and some classes last from 9th of July till 3rd of August (4 weeks).


The school is almost right next to Piazza Venezia, in a very touristic location. You can walk to Trevi fountain in 5 minutes and to Pantheon in 10 minutes from school. The bus/metro card per month is 38€.


As for the classes that are gonna open;


-FTV4903 Cinema & Fashion

-GEP0201City & Culture

-GEP1810 Design Thinking

-PRL4523 Event Management

-GEP0409 Italian Language

-ENM4110 Italian Luxury Brands

-GEP0614 Social Media Management

-INE4102 Strategic Management

-POV3341 Visual Storytelling


As for the contents of the classes;


FTV4903 CINEMA&FASHION /   available from July 9 to July 27.

This module, offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the fields of fashion and cinema: the relationship between the film industry, fashion designers, brands, marketing and communication will be analysed from a theoretical and historical perspective, in order to understand the contribution of cinema to the launch of fashion trends and to the promotion of fashion brands –

GE0201 CITY&CULTURE /  available from July 9 to July 27

The module aims to introduce the students to the multifaceted relationships between the city of Rome and the Italian culture. It includes a series of tours aimed to explore the multiple layers of the Eternal City, its urban setting, legal and political framework, art and lifestyles, in order to learn more about the rich culture heritage that inspires the made in Italy luxury, fashion, design and way of thinking.

GEP1810 DESIGN THINKING /  available from July 9 to July 27

This module provides an induction into the mindset of designers, the way they understand the existing framework, challenge current beliefs, ideate new scenarios, prototype and test their experiments. 21st century most emerging design trends will be illustrated with applications to the fields of excellence of the Made in Italy brand.   

PRL4523 EVENT MANAGEMENT / available from July 9 to July 27

This module provides students with hands -on experience in the operation, coordination, and management of special events, from micro to big events. Students will learn how to design, plan, execute and manage memorable events of different sizes.

ENM4110 ITALIAN LUXURY BRANDS / available from July 9 to August 3

This module is focused on the business models and the  critical success factors of the Italian luxury brands, the reason why they have an exclusive identity and a strong philosophy, able to make customers feel unique emotions and engage. Face to face classes will be combined with in-company visits and meetings with entrepreneurs and designers in a variety of sectors.

GEP0614 SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT / available from July 9 to August 3

With  this  module  students will understand the critical success factors of social media management through the analysis of popular digital start-ups and buzz legends. Contents will be taught with a very hands-on approach, including simulations and case studies aimed to understand how to assess media performance, enhance online interaction and finance start-ups in the new economy where “people are the brand”.

INE4102 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT /  available from July 9 to August 3

Upon successful completion of this module, participants will be able to apply strategic management theories and techniques; assess market opportunities for companies seeking international expansion; implement strategic plans of internationalization; understand strategic factors driving innovation in the 21st century marketplace.

POV3341 VISUAL STORYTELLING / available from July 9 to August 3

With this module participants will learn how to convey social, cultural, personal and commercial information through the language of visuals, by designing an audiovisual project reflecting their experience of the city . Under the supervision of our team of experts participants will break down the scripts of selected cinema masterpieces in order to understand the principles of visual storytelling such as style, genre, point of view, atmosphere, emotional rhythm and narrative use of light.


The classes are divided into 5 certificate groups;

Branding for Fashion and Luxury

Suggested Modules: Italian Luxury Brands (Core) + + 1 or 2 among: Social Media Management, Cinema and Fashion or Design Thinking

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Suggested Modules: Strategic Management (Core) + + 1 or 2 among: Design Thinking, Italian Luxury brands or Visual Storytelling

Integrated Marketing and Social Media

Suggested Modules: Social Media Management (Core) + + 1 or 2 among: Visual Storytelling, Event Management or Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Suggested Modules: Design thinking (Core) + 1 or 2 among: City and Culture, Cinema and Fashion or Italian Luxury brands

Italian Culture

Suggested Modules: Italian Language, City and Culture (which can be also added to any of the core modules indicated above, or taken in combination with online courses)


In the attachments, you can find which classes are DEP, GEP AND NON-DEP for your own department.


You can also follow us on instagram and facebook


For further information and application, you can visit The Directorate of BAU Global Academic Affairs and International Programs ( M Block – 1st Floor – Beşiktaş Campus)


Ciao from the eternal city Rome

We hope to see you this summer

Rome Summer School 18 – Course Equivalencies

Dean of Students Office-End of 2017-2018 Academic Year Awards Meeting


On 05.05.2018, the Dean of Students Office organised the End of 2017-2018 Academic Year Awards Meeting at A Block-Front Garden. Interest in the event was high, as a number of student clubs attended the event.  The schedule of the event was as follows:

17:00-17:30 Sausage& Bread Party

17:45-18:00 Performance by Dance Club and Folk Dances Association

18:00-19:00 2017-2018 Academic Year Awards

19:00-19:20  Mini Concert by BAU Polyphonic Choir 

19:20-20:00  Concert by BAU Music Club 

20:00-20:30 DJ Performance by the Radio and Communication Club

 Clubs that received awards for the 2017-2018 Academic Year:


  • 10. Year Award-Turkish Music Association
  • 15.Year Award-Folk Dances Association
  • BAU Special Award-Fenerbahçe Fan Association (1907 Ünifeb)
  • Most Consistent Club-Psychology Club
  • Best Scientific Event Award-Scientific Research Society (BAUBAT)
  • Best Newcomer Club (Newly Established)- Literature Club
  • Best Booming Club (Existing)-EMSA Club
  • Best Awareness Raising Event Award- Underwater Sports Club (BUSAK)
  • Best Social-Cultural Event- Music Club
  • Best Social Responsibility Event-Galatasaray Fan Association (uA Üni Bahçeşehir)
  • Most Innovative Club-Biomedical Club(EMBS)
  • Honor Award-IEEE Club
  • Honor Award-Software and Informatics Club
  • Honor Award- Search and Rescue Club (BUSAR)
  • Magic Microphone Award- Radio and Communication Club
  • Sports Achievement Award-Sailing Club (BAU Sailing)
  • Contribution to Society- Turkish Medical Students Association (BAUTURKMSIC)

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As the Dean of Students Office, we would like to congratulate all the clubs that received awards, wish further success and thank all the participated clubs.

About the On-Site Doctor

Attention to all students,

As of 01.05.2018, Dr.Arif Macit UMUL, on-site doctor of our university, left our institution. As of today, Dr. Gülfem YURTERİ will serve both students and staff as the on-site doctor in Beşiktaş South Campus; full time on Tuesday and Thursday as well as Wednesday afternoon.

Junior Sales / Trainee Application

Company: Global High-End Luxury Brand

Position: Junior Sales Employee / Trainee

Title:  Junior Sales Representative / Junior Sales Consigliere

Salary : Monthly net TL 3,000-3,400 – After one-year monthly bonus of Net TL 3,000-3,900 (not guaranteed and performance based) – Private Health Insurance – Lunch and transportation payments – Allowance for clothing from reputable brand names once a year

Education and Age: University degree – 23-28 years


– The Sales employee is responsible for acting as a Brand Ambassador, delivering an exciting, magnificent and memorable experience to customers, creating, stimulating and maximizing sales opportunities, in order to achieve Store sales opportunities and profit targets as well as provide excellent service to customers

Responsibilities and Tasks

Sales Target Achievements – Contribute to the Store and service KPIs achievement through a proactive and consistent commitment to achieve the sales budget, on a monthly and yearly basis. – Participate to defined training sessions in order to develop and update your knowledge

Client Service and Client Relationship – Convey the warm Turkish hospitality mindset through each step of the interaction with client – Establish and develop relationship with existing clients and engage new customers to the brand – Assisting other sales team members – Proactive division of labour and acting as a real team player

Representation at Work – Elegant appearance – Corporate dress code is to be obeyed – Appropriate haircut, trimmed nails and cultivated body care
Skills required (including technical and personal competences)

– Business awareness (including competitors and environment knowledge) – Learning agility – Brand history, selling arguments, lifelong learning, new thinking, stay updated – Proactive selling and negotiation skills – Client centric approach – Ability to work in a team driven environment – Fluent in English – Exquisite communication skills – Integrity and Trust – Must work retail hours – Weekdays and Weekends and Evenings – Usage of POS systems – Usage of wrapping paper for gift boxes


– In case you are interested please send your CV to the following email address:

Koç Spor Fest-2018 Winter Games: Inter university Ski and Snowboard Competition (28 February-04 March 2018)