Announcement for the Student Council Elections


Dear Students,

Our University Student Representation Election will take place in all departments according to the calendar below.

The students who will be elected as Student Representatives will serve for a duration of 2 (two years).

Information about the election and the conditions for candidacy can be seen in the attachments.

We do request your information.

Click council-elections for Election calendar, rules and announcements                                                             


Applications should be made personally as applicants are required to bring their Student ID Card

 Students of the Department of American Culture and Literature, Psychology and Sociology; will participate in the Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences.

Students of the Department of Genetics and Bioinformatics and Mathematics and Computer Science will participate in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Students of the Vocational School (VHS) and Institute Programmes will participate in the elections in relevance with the undergraduate courses.

Biomedical Club (EMBS)-“Darrel Chong Student Activity Award”

On behalf of our university, the Biomedical (EMBS) Club received the”Darrel Chong Student Activity Award”, awarded by the IEEE Global; an award given for the traditional events taking place in the international community. Such award was given to the club for their “BioInnovation” event that took place on 26 December 2015.


The University Orientation Programme for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

The University Orientation Programme  for the 2016-2017 Academic Year started on Tuesday (20.09.2016) in the Beşiktaş Campus, as it continued until Friday in other campuses.


As our Dean of Students, Pervin Merdan, informed the students about the administrative units in the university, Deans and Academic Staff of the faculties of Law, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences attended the event and did short presentations to the new students.


The orientation programme continued until Friday (23.09.2016), in Göztepe Campus,  Galata Campus, North Campus and Şişli Campus respectively.



Dean of Students Office- The Schedule of the University Orientation Programme for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

*It is essential for our newly registered students to attend the Orientation Programme in order to be informed about the Faculty- Department and the University.

The schedule of the University Orientation Programme for the 2016-2017 Academic Year can be accessed from the link below.


BAU Publicity (Open) Days 2016 (14 July – 4 August)

Our university hosted the Publicity (Open) Days 2016 for the prospective students, students of which have been successful in the national exam (Student Selection and Placement System) and aiming to become a member of the BAU family.

The Dean of Students Office were among the units that opened stand in order to inform the prospective students and parents, notably on the issues regarding scholarships, student clubs,, the Student Council and key reasons for choosing BAU.



SosyalBen-Works in May

Completed and ongoing works of the SosyalBen Association in May are as follows; same as the previous years,  the association hosted 10 students from 5 different provinces (the provinces where this year’s field works were carried out ) in İstanbul between the dates 16-20 May. Within the same period,  the association hosted teachers from 5 different provinces and formed SosyalBen Representatives. Starting in 5 provinces, the representatives will spread their workshops to village schools as 54 SosyalBen Representatives and teachers all over in Turkey will be included to the SosyalBen team by June 2017.

There are continuous fields works on enabling communal integration of the Syrian students in the field of arts. A few days ago, together with the Syrian students, the association members visited the sports facilities of the Turkish Sports Writers Association . 40 Syrian students had the opportunity to learn about other branches of sports and their rules. The Sports Writers Association will host the students in their facilities and provide professional support  in order to train them during the summer.


BAU Mayfest ’16-2nd Day

The second day of BAU MayFest ’16 proved to be as entertaining as the first day!


The second day of the festival started with the concerts of Rajaz Band, Sahte Rakı and Dj performance by the member of the Student Council, Anıl Dalkılıç.


Later in the evening, thousands of people gathered around the main stage in order to enjoy Sıla and her band’s performance….


As well as the concerts, there were some other entartaining activities in the university, most notably the human foosball tournament….


The Student Council crew, led by the President of the Student Council Necmettin Yanlı, were the main actor to deliver an unforgettable BAU Mayfest both for the students and guests coming outside the university.


BAU Mayfest ’16-1st Day

The first day of the BAU Mayfest ’16 was a joy to behold!

The first day of the BAU Mayfest included several concerts as Ne Vereyim Abime, Siyah Sekiz (a band formed of BAU Students) and Can Gox were on the stage in the late afternoon.

The peak of entertainment was when Doğuş Çabakçor, followed by Athena were on the main stage as thousands of spectators had a great time.




Meanwhile, there were some other entertaining activities for the students, such as Anadolu Jet flight simulation, human foosball and sporty activity of MACFit.


İBB Youth Exhibition

Our University was one of the participants for the Youth Exhibition organised by the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality dated on 14-19 May.

Under the coordination of the staff of the Dean of Students Office, Kazım Balsarı, several student clubs including Search and Rescue Club (BUSAR), Culture,Arts and Ethical Values Club, BAURiders, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club, Animal Lovers Club, Erasmus (ESN) Club, Architecture and Designing Club (MİTAS), IEEE Club and Sailing Club as well as the Exchange Office and Communication Office represented our university in the stand reserved for the Bahcesehir University.



A moment from the posture analysis made by the members of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Club to one of the visitors of our stand….