International Law Club-Law Workshop in Italy

10 Apr 2017
14 Apr 2017
International Law Club-Law Workshop in Italy

At the end of the intensive application of the International Law Club, the club members went to the city of Alesandria, Italy to conduct a workshop on two topics with a total of 16 students and an academician. Students who participated in the “Law Workshop in Italy” with the cooperation of International Law Club and Universita Del Piemonte Orientale conducted various researches on the topic together in Turkey two months before they went to Italy and performed group work. Then, on April 10, 2017, Monday the members went to Alessandria. The first day of the event was held on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, with 6 residents of the university campus in Alesandria. On the first day, the issue of the readmission agreement between Turkey and the European Union was studied and evaluated. As a result, many violations of the rights of refugees have been identified and recorded under the readmission agreement in Turkey. On the second day, about 80 Italian students and Prof. Dr During the meeting with Joerg Luther, 8 students made a presentation about the evaluation of the decree with power of law under the State of Emergency. After the presentation, an hour-long discussion was held and it was noted that the practices being carried out within the scope of decree with power of law, as happened on the first day, caused many rights violations. Sound and image records taken on the first day and the second day will be processed in the prepared report. On the fourth day of the event, at 9:00 am, the road went to Milan and the hotel was reached as a two-hour road. After a one-day free stay, the participants travelled to Milan, a return was made to Turkey on Friday, April 14th. A report text is prepared on the presentations made within the scope of the workshop.

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