Software and Informatics Club-React Native and Developing Application

Fazıl Say Auditorium
25 Nov 2017
13:00 - 16:00
25 Nov 2017
Software and Informatics Club-React Native and Developing Application

On 25 November 2017, Software and Informatics Club, in partnership with Wissen Academy, organised an event entitled “React Native”. The event took place in the Fazıl Say Auditorium.

The content of the event was as follows: 

House of Apps company has been developing React, React-Native, Django with mobile applications, websites and backend services to the leading companies in Turkey. The company does have a team of qualified developers as the company intends to make university students become more aware of the latest technological developments in Turkey.

React Native, is cross-platform for developing native mobile applications which were displayed as open source by Facebook in 2015. It is possible to develop applications both for IOS and Android by using single code-base with React-Native. In addition, being able to learn and develop application quickly are the leading advantages of the platform, compared to traditional native app development. 


  • Türerkan İnce,   House of Apps
  • Yusuf Zeren,      House of Apps
  • Tuğkan Kibar,    House of Apps

The schedule of the event was as follows

13.00 – 13:30    Registration

13.30 – 14:00   First Session and Opening Speech


      Meeting with House of Apps and Information about React Native

  1. Meeting and information about React Native
  2. What is React Native?
  3. What is the current role of React Native?
  4. What can be done with React Native?

14.00 – 14.15     Coffee Break

14.15 – 16.00    Second Session

       React Native Practical Training (1.5 Hour)

  1. Requirements to develop React Native
  2. Environment and taking a look at documentation
  3. Planning a project
  4. Archiving and project tree plantation
  5.  Approach of Component 
  6. View, Listview and other components  
  7.  Usage of 3. party api

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