Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean


Dear Students,

Welcome to BAU!

Our most important mission is to contribute to your development as versatile, sophisticated, innovative, creative, and productive individuals, alongside receiving the highest academic, scientific and educational quality at BAU.

The social and cultural activities offered at BAU are a vital part of our community, providing all our students with opportunities to explore, discover, and develop. With our support, students design their own club activities, resulting in positive and memorable experiences starting from your very first day at BAU.

I also invite you to explore the various student clubs, an essential part of the diverse and buzzing social life at BAU. These clubs give you a balanced yet fulfilling student life experience.

BAU students are strong, hard-working, productive and confident. They are also passionate and highly successful in their careers and academic paths. The environment at BAU will help you realise your true potential and be prepared for the next stage of your life.

I wish you all a successful university experience, filled with happy memories and achievements. This is the most productive era of your life. The future is YOURS!

Dean of Students


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