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Please visit the link to view information regarding BAU Contracted Dormitories.
Students are who ranked as 1st or 2nd in their department, have GPA of 3.00 and over, completed a minimum of 4 semesters ( valid for 4-year courses) may be eligible to receive 100% and 50% scholarship respectively. Please read the rules and rudiments of Academic Success Scholarship from the link below:
A clubs activity or the status of a club may be suspended or closed in case an event is organised (both indoors and outdoors) without a formal approval by the Dean of Students Office. Depending on the content of the event, information is given to related departments and academic staff. The time of the event is determined on the basis of the class hours. Time for question and answers (Q&A) session should be reserved. The feedback of the event along with the photos taken are required to be given to the Dean of Students Office in order to be archived and published in the Dean of Students Office website.
A club that would like to organise an event has to inform the Dean of Students Office at least fifteen (15) before the planned day of the event. An event cannot be announced before an approval is made by the Dean of Students Office. The club is expected to track whether an event is approved or not. In case of the planning of the same event by different clubs, the clubs are required to organise a joint event. In order to publish and distribute posters, a copy is in need to be presented and approved by the Dean of Students Office. The content of the approved events can be announced via posters and in some cases via e-mail (The Dean of Students Office). The money collected in the events which has participation fee are in need to be transfered to the bank accounts of the clubs, a receipt which requires payment to a person or a company is handed into the Dean of Students Office. The payment to the person or the company is made by the university. Please read the Student Club & Association Directive from the link below:
At the beginning of every academic year, " The Club Introduction Week" is organised and the clubs receive new members during the week. Those students who would like to become members at another time than the "Club Introduction Week", can contact the club president which can be found in the Dean of Students Office website. For the list and contact information of student clubs, please visit
Those students who would like to establish a student club can establish by completing the Student Club Application Form, Club Charter, Executive Board and Member List form and submit it to the Dean of Students Office. New Student Club applications are received within the first 5 (five) weeks of every academic year.
The Student Council elections take place in once in every two academic years, upon at the helm of the Vice Rector and coordination of the Dean of Students Office. The election calendar is announced to the students and the election is made with regard to the Student Council Regulations. Please visit the link to find the Student Council Directive.
The Healthcare Services of the Bahcesehir University is available in four (4) campuses, Beşiktaş, Kuzey, Göztepe, and Galata Campus. All the students who visit the Medico-Social services can receive free medical examination and treatment.
Bahcesehir University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center is a unit which is associated with the Dean of Students Office. The Counseling Center office is located in the Beşiktaş Campus (Main Campus). The office is staffed by specialised psychologists who can speak English and sessions are free of charge. Detailed information can be found from the link below: To make an appointment please send an e-mail to To make an appointment please send an e-mail to
The students can work in their faculties and various administrative units of the university as part-time student assistants. Applications can be made to the Dean of Students Office.
The University provides scholarships for athletes. The conditions and rates of scholarship are determined by the Sports Directorate. Those students who are willing to request scholarships are in need to contact the Sports Director Haydar Sarısoy. – 0212 381 01 68